Nuno Margato

Senior consultant / project manager

Nuno Margato

Living in Lisbon, Portugal, but available to relocate to another part of the country or to go abroad.

Mobile number: (+351) 919 715 801

Email: [email protected]

Skype ID: Nuno Margato

Birth date: 3rd October 1975 (42 years)

Educational Qualifications:

  • Hotel and Tourism Management’s MBA at the Lisbon’s International Polytechnic Institute in 2005;
  • Management’s Degree at Lisbon’s International University in 2001.


  • Portuguese native speaker
  • English fluency



Professional qualifications:

Introduction: my professional background has, since the beginning, 3 things in common: Project Management, Training and Commercial activity. This allowed me work in several different Portuguese regions and international experience.



Project Manager at Anturio: since January 2018 until the current moment.

Main Responsibilities and major developed projects:


  1. Built the Project Team: Skills (technical and behavioral) analysis, to select the most adequate consultants for that project and customer.
  2. Planning: Timeframes, milestones, technical means, Human Resources to affect to the project
  3. Communication Plan involving all the stakeholders, inside the customer and Anturio.
  4. Project Kick Off: Meeting between Anturio (Technical Team and Commercial Team) and Customer Team (Project Sponsor, IT Customer Team)
  5. Budget Control
  6. Reporting: to the Customer and internally to the COO and Commercial Team
  7. Proactive Control: Comparison between Plan VS Execution, design and implementation of corrective measures, when needed
  8. Close the project: Gathering between the Customer and Anturio, where all deliverables are checked and Anturio gets the customer approval to close the project.
  9. At the present moment I´m in the governance of 15 projects, from where I highlight:
  • Certilab
  • Fazenda Girassol (Angola)
  • Quinta do Lago
  • Grupo 8 - Vigilância e Prevenção Electrónica, Lda


Since July until December 2017: I worked as a freelancer in behavioural training area


Project Manager at Quorumaster / Business Develop: since June 2016 until July 2017, I was working with Quorumaster. I reassumed my previous role, I had been leading two main projects in the Pharma Sector – Medinfar and Generis.


Project Manager at Xerox Corporation – Responsible for Multinational implementation of EPS contracts (Enterprise Print Services). All the EPS contracts that involve more than 2 million Euros, it is a premium service developed by Xerox Corporation.

Main Responsibilities and major developed projects:

  1. Responsible for leading a multinational team – My Team has 6 persons in different locations: Ireland, Germany, Belgium and UK.
  2. Strategic and Operational Implementation Plan – engage all the Xerox Services (production, distribution, delivery and technical team) to ensure high quality in all deployment process across Europe.
  3. Cost and Quality Services Control - responsible for delivery and implementation on schedule and inside the budget, with high level of quality.
  4. Major Project – Refresh all the old fleet of Federal Mogul Europe (Federal Mogul is an American Multinational), a project with market value superior than 10 million Euros. WPP implementation, the project consisted in delivery and installation of 4500 multifunction devices across XE Region, a project with market value superior then 22 million Euros.


Project Manager at Quorumaster – (Consulting Company in Quality, Strategic Positioning and Marketing; Training in several Behaviour Areas), between 2007 and 2012.

Main Responsibilities and major developed projects:

  1. Business Development –the main goal was to gain multinational clients, present the company’s services, draw customized and specific proposals bearing in mind the client’s real needs, negotiate and close the agreement with the clients, implement and coordinate the contracted solutions and Cross Selling ( client’s personal follow-up).
  2. Main earned and implemented projects:
  • AutoEuropa–Thematic outdoors in teams with the Directors, Brain Storming actions with the Logistics’ Department;
  • Bosch – several training sessions of “Time and Priorities’ Management, Sales – Channels’ Management; Leadership”;
  • BBVA – Behaviour Training in two areas – Advanced Leadership, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People;
  • Toys’r’us – Behaviour training in Leadership to Top and Intermediate Headships; Customer Service and Suggestive Sale;
  • Mitsubishi Electric – Thematic outdoor on Leadership: Headships’ Leadership and Leadership to subordinates;
  • Nobre/Campofrio – Training about Category Management – Modern Channel and Traditional Channel.


  1. Product and services’ coordination and conception to approach multinational clients.

Training Tecnician at CNA (Confederação Nacional de Agricultura – National Agriculture’s Confederation) from 2002 until 2006.

Main responsabilities:

  1. Controlling the training courses financed by the European Social Fund within the Agro Program (measures 7.1 and 7.2);
  2. Assure that the training courses between the Braga, Porto, Viana do Castelo and Vila Real districts’ function correctly;
  3. Technical and pedagogical counselling to the organizations where the training courses were lectured.
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